3 Proteins Mixture and EnchiLaura’s: Foody Friday

Foody Friday


A few weeks ago we talked about Quinoa and yummy ways to use it. One of the ways I used it this week was a few different dishes: Lettuce wraps, Chili, and My Hubby’s grandmother’s EnchiLaura’s.

3 Proteins Mixture

I started off by cooking the Quinoa and browning a mixture of sausage and beef. After everything was cooked, I mixed them all together, and I portioned them out for each meal to be seasoned separately.Quinoa Sausage Beef

One portion we planned to eat right away, so My Hubby added some chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, salt, and pepper to the mix, as well as leftover orange pepper that was cut earlier for the kids to eat. After sautéing it all together till the pepper softened a little, we put them in some locally grown hydroponic Butter Crisp Lettuce leaves and topped with cheese and salsa. The lettuce wrap made for a nice change from regular tortilla shells. Very tasty.Lettuce Wraps

I didn’t take a picture of the chili I made, but you can use your favorite chili recipe and just add the quinoa in with the other meat.


My Hubby and his family used to live in New Mexico (and some still do). They LOVE mexican food, and have some traditional dishes from their own family members that we use often for family get togethers. One of these family tradition recipes is for EnchiLaura’s. They are like enchiladas only, My Hubby’s great grandmother, Laura, added her own twist to it.

Their traditional way to make it is with seasoned beef, corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, and cheese and then served with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a side of ranch style beans. I did it a little different this time.

Instead of using a pain with oil to fry the tortillas till they are soft, I spray the tortilla with olive oil and heat on both sides till hot. This makes the tortillas less soggy and drippy but still gets them nice and soft. I sautéed the 3 Protein mixture with some fresh spinach and the same spices that we used for the lettuce wraps. Layer the tortillas, mixture, and cheese until you have a stack as big as you want. Top with enchilada sauce (I used canned this time, but you could also make homemade) and cheese. You could add shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion etc. to finish it off if you like but this was pretty darn tasty without it.


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  1. I have made something like this for years, using the tortilla, topped with chile mixture, chopped lettuce and tomato and grated cheese, then top it off with a steam cooked egg.