A New Dress for the Birthday Girl

I love when my nieces and nephew have birthdays. That means it is time for me to make something fun for them. Last year, I gave Songbird a dress made from the same pattern that I made a dress for Miss Tickles. Miss Tickles wears her dress all the time, and when we skype or get a picture of Songbird, she is so often wearing the dress I made her. I decided to go ahead and make another one. The top part is still big enough to fit, but my sister requested the new dress be a little longer for her to be able to grow more. I found some cute fabric and got double the amount needed so I could make an opposite twinsies dress for Miss Tickles. When she was here in February, they liked matching each other.



We needed buttons for the dress, but instead of buying some, mom decided to go ahead and make some from polymer clay.


Mom created a custom made necklace to match the dress using polymer clay. She used this tutorial for stringing the beads together using crochet thread.


Since she did not know how she was going to put the necklace together at the time of making the beads, she had to use a “real” button for the clasp. She says if she had been thinking ahead, she would have made extra buttons like the dress buttons!





We Facetimed (love technology!) with her to watch her open her presents. After she tried on the dress she told her mom it was a Cinderella dress. Now that’s a compliment!


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