“I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”
“I would never have the patience to make anything!”
“I don’t have the time/money/resources to be crafty.”

Have you ever said anything like this? Or heard someone else say this? We have more than we would like. Our desire is to show you that these are myths. We are designed in the image of a creative God, so that means we are creative too!

Just because you haven’t yet discovered that creative bone, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Let’s explore a little and pull out the creativity x-ray to see if we can find it! Sometimes patience comes with a little bit of knowledge, and we can show you how being creative doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Come on a journey with us to be inspired, dream a little, create a lot, and just play!

The creators of In a Tickle are a Mother, Jan, and Daughter, Melinda, who wanted to start a business that fit with being able to play with the kids/grandkids more and help others embrace their own creativity.

It started with a dream and sudden free time (for Jan anyway). Both of us have had a desire for our time and finances to be used on what we love, our family and crafting! After transforming a guest room into a new craft space, we knew we didn’t have anything else holding us back.

Jan & little "Miss Tickles"

Jan & little “Miss Tickles”

Our inspiration for In a Tickle is a little girl with a big personality, Melinda’s youngest daughter, Miss Tickles. Since she was a few weeks old, she has been so ticklish, and through her first year you could regularly hear her tickling herself, her toys, and people around her. “Tickle” was one of her first words, which she said more than “Mama!”

After Miss Tickles was diagnosed with an allergy to polyester at six weeks old, we soon discovered how much polyester is used in every day items, and unfortunately, baby items. Finding clothes and toys that were 100% cotton or other natural fibers became a challenge, especially the toys. We decided the easier solution was making our own!

Not long after we discovered Miss Tickles’ allergy, we realized that her older brother, Ninja Boy, had been dealing with the same issue. With research, we found out that this problem is more common than we thought. Our hope is to provide an option of 100% natural fiber items for babies and children who might have this need or for families who just want to be a little more natural.

In a Tickle is an excuse for us to keep crafting and give us a path to focus our creativity. Join us as we continue to dream, inspire, create, and play!