Another Memory Making Time

North Shore Lake Superior We just returned from a wonderfully relaxing vacation together on the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior. Last summer I shared a post about our annual Mother/Sister/Daughter memory making vacations. This trip was quite different from past years. We stayed in a place so beautiful and relaxing that we did not want to leave to go sight-seeing, so we only did that one afternoon. Our “home” for the week was in a three bedroom cottage at Larsmont Cottages Resort, a place we highly recommend. The weather was perfect, and contrary to what we expected (because we used to live in WI and MN), there were no giant mosquitos waiting to attack bare skin the minute you walked outside. What a blessing! This was our view from the front room…Larsmont Cottages Both of my daughters were able to join us this year on our girls get-away.FamilyWell, it wasn’t exactly girls only, because we had these two adorable boys to entertain us.The BoysWe tried to follow the rules as much as possible.Camp RulesWe took many walks along the lake and around the property.Larsmont Walking TrailAlong the shoreline were six community bonfire pits. When you wanted a fire, the resort staff came out to light a fire for you as well as bring the roasting sticks and supplies for s’mores.North Shore Lake Superior LarsmontCampfireMelinda was our head chef (her sister helped), and we enjoyed delicious home cooked meals three times a day. Larsmont Cottages DinnerWe used the outside dining room most of the time because the inside dining room quickly turned into the craft room. Instead of card making supplies, this year my sister brought polymer clay and all kinds of tools for us to play with. We’ll show you some of the things we made in another post. It was fun creating and learning a new craft.Crafting on vacationThe resort offered free bikes and helmets to the guests, so Melinda, my sisters and I took an “almost” six mile bike ride. There is debate about whether it was five or six miles, but since we don’t have any fish stories to tell, we are going with the six miles. I don’t even remember the last time I was on a bike, but it has to be at least twenty some years ago. We all survived and had a great time. My other daughter probably would have gone with us if she hadn’t been doing an eight mile run that day as part of her marathon training. BikingAround the resort are lawn games to play, puzzles, books to read, scavenger hunts, nature hunts, crafts, and even rock painting for the garden.Painted Garden RocksSitting on a chair or rocks to relax and rejuvenate is greatly encouraged. Peaceful Place to RelaxWith views like this, we all decided we wanted to spend a whole summer there. Even the winter views would be pretty if you did not have to ever go outside! I could picture a wonderful creative studio in the upstairs room looking out over the lake. It’s fun to dream of creating in such an inspiring place, but one reason I don’t live up north any more is because I don’t enjoy being cold for so long.North Shore Lake Superior Some days the lake is calm and other days it sounds like the ocean.North Shore Lake SuperiorNorth Shore Lake SuperiorAnd of course, it wouldn’t be Lake Superior without the big freighters.North Shore Lake Superior ShipOur one sight-seeing adventure while on the North Shore was a visit to Split Rock Light House. I’ll save that for another post.

Once again, so many beautiful memories were written on our hearts as we shared life together last week at our girls get-away. I’m glad my mom, sisters, and daughters love spending time with each other and with me.


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  1. It was a wonderful week. I highly recommend going on vacation with your daughters and granddaughters. Of course the two babies were the frosting on the cake. Four years ago, when we first took a trip to Savannah, GA, there was some fear that we might not get along with each other for a whole week. That fear has long been squelched. It has brought all of us closer together. I love all of my family, and still marvel over their desire to vacation with me.