Artist Inspires the Kids

Today the grandkids were painting with poster paints. Ninja Boy finished his painting, asked for a new piece of paper, and decided to try something he saw demonstrated last week. Remember our post about Julie Rice, the ink fingertip painter? The kids finally got to meet her and watch her at Silver Dollar City. Ink ArtistNinja Boy stuck his finger in the paint and tried out the fingertip painting technique.FingertipPaintingHe wasn’t satisfied because it wasn’t achieving the same look he’d seen Julie doing.Finger PaintingSo we pulled out an ink stamp pad and everything changed!Finger Painting with InkFinger Paint with inkfingertip paint with ink closeupFingertip Paint art with inkMy Princess finished her poster painting and wanted to try ink fingertip painting as well.

Blue FingerI didn’t catch it in the video, but My Princess told me that Julie does good work just like they do. Let’s become like children in our confidence of our creativity!

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