Baby Doll Bunk Bed

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A few weeks ago our daughter, who lives too far away, sent her Dad (Pa) some plans for a doll bunk bed, asking if he could build one for our “just turned two” granddaughter. He enjoys these new projects because his motto is: New Project = New Tool. Before we knew it, the doll bed was sitting on the kitchen counter.

Unfinished doll bunk bed

He used a pocket hole jig to make the angled cuts so the screws are hidden. Then he filled the holes with wooden plugs.

Doll Bed builder helper

Ninja Boy had fun helping Pa in the workshop!

He turned it over to Melinda and I to finish. Once we got started on it, I think he was not too sure he should have! We had different ideas in mind than he envisioned.

Doll in bunk bed

Of course, before we could get started, Miss Tickles had to try it out with the baby dolls.

We primed it and then painted the whole thing white. Then we decided the ladder should be pink. Melinda and I have been having so much fun decorating with scrapbook paper, we decorated the bed with it as well. My daughters are loving the small vintage flower prints these days, so that’s what we used. Melinda covered the side boards with strips of paper, attaching them with mod podge. When that dried, we covered the whole thing with many coats of acrylic finish to seal it and make it two-year-old durable. We think it turned out pretty cute.Doll Bunk Bed

I found some cottons and flannel that coordinated with the paper prints on the bed and sewed a mattress, pillow and rag quilt for each bed.Doll BeddingI had enough material left over to make my granddaughter a matching rag quilt for her own bed (actually, I had that plan all along.)Rag quilt

Time to try out the beds.

Dolls in Bunk BedDoll SleepingDolls in bunk bed

The baby dolls at my house are happy with the new bed. Unfortunately, they will have to talk Pa into making one for them because this one is being sent out east. We’ll see how my granddaughter’s babies like it!


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  1. Very nice job, Tom, on the woodworking and Jan and Melinda on the paint and paper. I think a little granddaughter I know will love it as well as her babies.