Become Like Child

Weekend Wonderings

“…become humble as this little child…” Matthew 18

Kids playKids playMy kids saw a pile of dirt on the driveway at Grandma and Pa’s house this spring. They plopped down and started drawing pictures with their fingers and with sticks. They didn’t care about getting dirty. They just thought it would be fun. They experienced sensory play without having anybody set it up for them. Nothing had to be bought. They just took an opportunity that presented itself and had fun.

As adults, we need to humble ourselves and stop thinking about getting dirty, or that something is too simple, or that our life is too complicated to slow down. Go outside and stick your feet in the dirt, poke around with a stick. Simplify your life for a moment and just enjoy using your senses. Maybe a little more peace will come your way in the midst of your crazy schedules, opening up your mind to some new creative ideas.

Kids play


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