Beginning with Baby Doll Clothes

Sewing at 4 years old

On the back, my grandma had written, “Following in her mommy’s footsteps?” (Almost 4 years old)

I have a secret…Shhh. I am not the best at sewing. I know, I know. You may think I am an expert. I mean I have a blog! I learned how to sew when I was a young girl. I have done projects off and on over the years, but it wasn’t until just recently that I have been able to sew regularly since we got mom’s craft room set up.

I am still learning. I often have to ask mom how to do certain things. I can follow a pattern pretty well, but one thing that I love to do is create my own. Those tend to be pretty basic as I learn new sewing skills.

If you are new to sewing, I want to encourage you to keep trying. You don’t have to do it perfect. You don’t always have to start with a pattern.

Last week I discovered an easy thing to start with–Baby doll clothes! You don’t have to worry about them being comfortable for the baby doll since, thankfully (well at least they shouldn’t), they don’t talk. You can learn on the baby doll clothes and work your way up to real clothes. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, I am sure you know somebody who does have some. Borrow a baby doll and get to work.

My daughters’ baby dolls spend half their time sleeping and being naked. They have some doll clothes, but a lot of the them are polyester. Since Miss Tickles is loving playing with baby dolls lately, I decided she needed some cotton clothes for her babies.

I started with some flannel pieces that I sewed together to make a larger piece. A peasant style dress seemed like an easy thing to start with so I looked up a tutorial online and found this one. Even though it is for a toddler girl size, I figured I would get the basic idea of what to do.

I made the top and knew she needed to have some bottoms to go with it to cover up the polyester cloth on the legs.

Making Doll Clothes

Now she has a whole outfit!

Baby Doll

The outfit was so easy to put together that I decided her baby doll friends needed clothes too.

Making doll clothes

Since the dolls are so lazy and sleep most of the day, a pair of pajamas were more than enough as far as outfit choices go.

Baby Dolls

Miss Tickles is a fan!

Miss Tickles with baby doll

If you are just getting started or haven’t sewn much, start with some baby doll clothes and help build your confidence.

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