Birthday Panda


Brenna copyMiss Tickles is 4 years old! BrennaBirthday

I wanted to make her a new blanket for her birthday and had this cute flannel fabric for awhile.


I thought the panda on it was so cute and wondered if I could make her a stuffed panda to go with it.

I made a sketch on some scratch paper. I started by cutting out a piece that would be big enough for the face and added the fabric and stitching. I kept telling myself that I would try to do as much as I could and then have mom help me with the rest. I know that mom has created stuffed animals before, so I figured I would have to use her expertise.

I just kept cutting out shapes that I thought would work and sewing them together. I ended up working on it long enough that I figured it out on my own! I’m sure if I had asked for her help it would have turned out even better, but I am so happy with the results. Miss Tickles loved it too.



BrennaMommyPanda copy

She loves sleeping with her new blanket and her panda doll.


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