Blueberry Picking: Foody Friday

Foody Friday


A couple weeks ago we shared with you about going strawberry picking with the kids and getting rained out. This week the blueberries were finally ripe, and with the aunts in town, we decided to make a trip to the fields. We were motivated by the juicy berries as well as the huge Thunder Muffins they sell in the restaurant at the farm.

We started picking towards the back of the field thinking that people wouldn’t have gotten that far yet, but it was slim pickin’s. The kids got hot pretty quickly so we left the aunts and grandmas to hunt while we sat at a picnic table under the shade.

picking blueberries

Ninja Boy was the only one who saved some blueberries to take home. The little girls ate all the ones from their buckets.

Little blueberry picker


making friends at the blueberry patch

Making friends with some fellow pickers under the shade

After a short rest and a rejuvenating muffin, the kids went back out to the second field with the aunts where it was full of ripe blueberries! We should have started there.

picking blueberries

We hope to go out again as more berries ripen, and we plan to get there earlier in the day before it gets so hot.

Why go berry picking? It’s a fun experience for the whole family. Having the kids go out and pick their own food can do wonders for picky eaters. Eating berries at the freshest they will ever be tastes so good, and they are a great source of nutrients. Blueberries are better than candy any day.

Will you be going berry picking this summer?


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