Butterfly Transformation: Transform It Tuesday

Transform it Tuesday

In 1988, after China was beginning to open up to more westerners visiting their country, my sister decided she wanted to visit the country before it made too many changes. One of the gifts she brought back to my kids was a beautiful Chinese butterfly kite. It adorned the walls of the girls’ room for many years. However, after all these years, it began to get pretty ratty looking. The fabric was dirty with a strange looking mold and tearing from the frame, and it was looking rather sad. I debated tossing it, but being the sentimental person I am, I just could not do it. So I decided to give it new life to adorn the wall of our sewing room.

Original Chinese Butterfly Kite

I gently took the fabric pieces off the delicate bamboo framework, which was surprisingly still in decent shape.

Butterfly kite skeleton

Then using the old pieces I took off as my pattern, I cut new fabric to put on the frame.Butterfly kite parts

I glued the new fabric pieces onto the bamboo framework and painted the fabric edges to keep them from raveling as well as give a decorative edge. The butterfly has a new life! Even though it has changed, when I look at it, I still think about China and my sister’s trip. Finished butterfly

Maybe you would like a large butterfly kite on your wall. Since you may not have one to transform like I did, here is a website with instructions for making a Chinese kite.

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