Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

I found a place that definitely has the button. Tucked away in a narrow brick building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is an amazing shop named Tender Buttons that claims to be the “only shop in American devoted entirely to the sale of buttons.”

Tender Buttons Store

For someone who loves to sew and also loves antiques, just stepping in the door feels like you are entering a magical place. I took my little Songbird (wearing her baby doll in the carrier I made for her) on an adventure to check it out.

Tender Buttons Store

One wall of the 12 1/2 foot wide shop is filled with boxes and boxes of every color and kind of button imaginable from all over the world.

Boxes of Buttons

In the center of the shop are antique tables and chairs for your comfort in making decisions about the best buttons for your project.

Tender Buttons Store

In the entry and along the right wall are hundreds of antique buttons from around the world displayed museum style, but even those buttons are for sale as well.

Antique Buttons- Tender Buttons Store

Next time you are in New York City, head to 62nd Street just off Lexington Avenue and visit Tender Buttons. You can read more about the shop at their website.

After you’ve visited the Tender Button shop, you can head straight across the street and enjoy a cup of coffee from the newest Birch Coffee location. We’re a little partial because Songbird’s daddy is the owner of Birch Coffee!

Birch Coffee NYCBirch Coffee NYCBirch Coffee Shop NYC

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