Candle Makeover

We still have candles left from Melinda’s wedding seven years ago. They are not colors that I normally would use, but I don’t like to waste anything. So we just use them because we like the warm ambience of candles in the winter. I wanted some candles for Thanksgiving, but did not want to buy candles right now. I studied this candle a while and decided to give it and a couple others a makeover.Pink candleIn doing some investigating online, it looked like candles could be painted. However there were sites telling me that I needed to use a candle medium mixed in the paint for it to stick. I could not find any at our local craft store. Other sites said that you could paint with regular craft paint on candles without anything added, so I decided to try it. I did wash the candles off first to remove any dirt or oily residue from being handled. The candles got a first coat of orange craft paint. candle paintingPainted candles first coatThe paint seemed to stick just fine. But the candles were too plain. I could have painted a second coat but decided to sponge paint the candles with yellow, green and red paint (colors similar to the fabric paint I used on the table runner I recently made.)Sponge Painting CandlesI decided to add a little more embellishment to the candles and took a walk in the yard. Most of the really pretty colored leaves are on the ground and turned brown, but I found a few that still looked nice. Those leaves got a coat of mod-podge on front and back to preserve them.Modpodge leavesWhen the leaves were dried, I stuck glue dots to the back side of each leaf and attached them to the candles. The finishing touch was tying hemp around each candle over the leaves. Now these old used candles that were the wrong color will look very nice with my table runner.Painted Candles with leavesFall Candles

Now instead of wondering how I will ever be able to use up all those left over candles, I know I can give them a makeover for whatever occasion I need. Do you have candles at your house that you wish were a different color? Try giving them a paint makeover.





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  1. Thank you! This is just what I was looking for to transform my plain white pillar candles into beautiful green shades for spring.