Turning Scribbles into Art

So you think you can’t draw? Can you scribble? Inspired by a guest artist, Päivi Eerola, on the Documented Life Project, I scribbled (aimless drawing) all over my paper with pencil. After looking at the scribbles for a while I began to … Continue reading

Pictures Tell (Part of) the Story

How do you describe with words playground equipment made of metal and wood that spins in a circle, hangs from a single center pole, teeter-totters in ovals and circles, on which riders can sit or stand, so that others know exactly what you are talking … Continue reading

Illustrative Travel Journaling

The theme for the month of June in the Documented Life Project was “Travel Journaling” and the first art challenge was illustrative art journaling. I had no trips planned in the month of June and figured I would just use … Continue reading

Wall Spackling as Texture in Mixed Media

For week 20 of the Documented Life Project, the art challenge was to use modeling paste on the page to add texture. I did not have any craft modeling paste, but I did have a small container of lightweight wall spackling … Continue reading