Creative Christmas: Food Traditions

At some point our kids decided that having the same kind of dinner for Christmas that we had at Thanksgiving was not very exciting. When the kids still lived at home, we started a Christmas dinner tradition that has continued … Continue reading

Creative Christmas: Unprocessed Corn Casserole Recipe

For the last several years, I have made corn casserole for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner. It has always been a huge hit. This year, because of family diet needs and our desire to avoid GMO corn, I decided I wanted … Continue reading

Back to School: To Write Lunch Box Notes or Not

It sounds like such a sweet idea. Each morning as you lovingly make your children’s healthy lunches before they head off to school, you take the time to compose a special note to each one along with a lovely picture … Continue reading

Real Foody Friday

  What is real food? Some say it’s organic food. Some say it’s local food. Some say whatever you can buy at the store near you. Everyone seems to have an opinion these days on what you should eat. We … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You are Not a Good Cook

Have you ever seen the Food Network show called Worst Cooks in America? They take a handful of the worst cooks and turn them into chefs. I loved watching these people transform. When I hear people say they are not … Continue reading