Let Them Create: Simple Fall Leaf Garland Craft

I have purposely avoided looking through pinterest for fall craft ideas. I don’t want to get in my head that they have to look a certain way. I knew I wanted to do something with my kids, but in keeping … Continue reading

Print Your Own Fabric {Part 4}

This week we have been talking about printing your own fabric. And that takes paint. Fabric paint is usually more expensive than regular acrylic craft paint. But what if you already have lots of acrylic paint on hand?Will it work … Continue reading

Back to School: Save money on Fun Notebooks and Pencils

The back to school sales are great for stocking up on notebooks, pencils, glue, and office supplies, but the best deals are always on the most plain, dull looking items. I got notebooks like these, which just come in a … Continue reading

Start a Hobby: Make Your Own Stamps

You’ve wandered down the stamp isle at the craft store thinking it would be fun to start stamping. But when you look at the price of individual stamps, it can be a bit discouraging if you have a limited budget. … Continue reading

You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Money to Start Making cards!

Last week I shared with you about my sisters’ visit and our card making activities. My east sister got to stay longer, and the card creating adventures have continued. We’ve been doing lots of experimenting with different methods and materials. … Continue reading