Clay Tools for Kids

Last week we were invited to share a clay workshop with a group of pre-teen girls and their teachers at church. They all had a great time learning how to work with polymer clay to make some pendants. Since our desire is to inspire others to try creative activities, we wanted to send with each of the girls a bag of tools they could use at home with clay. Sometimes it is easier to not try something new because we think we have to have a bunch of expensive tools and equipment in order to get started. The bags of tools we put together were filled with various items we had around the house but they can do the job quite well.

Clay Tool Bags


My Creative Clay Tools:

•Roller (my husband cut 7 inch sections from a one inch PVC pipe we had left over)
•Several pins with different size heads
•Popsicle stick
•Cutters made from plastic lids and index tabs
•Wooden skewer
•Plastic bead (for texture)
•Foil (for texture)
•Bubble wrap (for texture)

We also brought along a box of texture tools from household items for them to use in the class.

Here is a closeup of the cutters made from an index tab. The flat sides can be used to cut the clay like a blade and the end of the spine can be used to make texture shapes.

Index Tab Clay Cutters

With simple tools like this and waxed paper for a base to work on (we put wax paper on top of smooth placemats) all you need is some clay and you can get started. When baking the clay to harden you need to follow the manufacturers instructions. You can place the clay on top of card stock or parchment paper over a cookie sheet or tray or place on a ceramic tile for baking. Caution: do not use kitchen items with food after they have come into contact with clay- keep them dedicated for clay use only.

We were busy working with the girls and almost forgot to take pictures, but here are a few…

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