Coconut Oil for Burns: Real Me Monday

Real Me Monday



I discovered another use for coconut oil last week. Burns! I was not smart and using common kitchen safety practices and burned my hand on the stove while cooking dinner.

It hurt bad. I spent a good hour with cool water running over it and the rest of the night with a cold compress on it. Mom suggested coconut oil to put on it. I knew I had heard something like that before, looked it up, and tried it.

I put some on like you would any ointment and covered it with a large bandaid. While it was not soothing at first, it did seem to feel like it was working. The less burned part on my pinky and ring finger looked completely better by the time I went to bed. I applied the coconut oil again before going to sleep. It was still hurting when I went to bed but not bad enough to keep me awake.

By the next morning it looked so much better and felt a lot better too. The way it felt the evening before, it seemed like it would take a lot longer to get better.

Here’s what it looked like before and after using the coconut oil.


It has now been over a week and it has healed significantly. I probably should have continued putting coconut oil on it, but it helped so much right away I didn’t think about it after the second day of using it.

I am going to try it the next time I get a sunburn this summer and see how it helps with that.

I knew I loved coconut oil, but now I have a new use to add to my list. I am going to have to buy it by the tub pretty soon!

Disclaimer: This was a minor burn. I am not a doctor. Do not take this as medical advice. Do your own research and use your own discretion on the need for medical attention when treating a burn.



Coconut Oil for Burns: Real Me Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Yesterday, I placed my whole hand on my cook top burner , checking to see if t was hot , forget that I just used it. With company , I was rushing. Placing my hand long enough to really get burnt. Right away , only thing that popped in my head was coconut oil, which was two steps away from me. I grabbed a hand full. Let it rest for about 2mins, rinsed off with water. Leaving left overs on my hand . I then grabbed a bag of ice , which greatly helped w/the burning. I believe that the coconut helped greatly. I don’t deny it’s many benefits.

    • I did the same exact thing…BUT, I was in the ER LAST night for a spasm in my ear! How am I typing this? No more!

  2. Yesterday I had my eye brow waxed, forgetting I wasn’t supposed to because of my sensitive skin and acne medicine, it basically burned my eye brow and took of a good layer of skin. It looks terrible and it extremely red, I need quick relief I read apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, what do you think? I have school and work and really need some ideas because its pretty brutal. THANKS!!

    • I would definitely try coconut oil! I put it on dry skin, burns, my kids’ diaper rash, whatever! It’s good stuff. Make sure you get organic unrefined coconut oil for the best benefit.

  3. If you burn a large portion of your hand (1st or 2nd degree), smother your hand with coconut oil and put on a latex glove (surgical or for painting). Then apply cold compresses as needed to mitigate the pain. The glove protects against abrasions/rubbing on things and also keeps your hand nice and oiled up.

  4. The best thing I do for burns which happens in the kitchen is:
    I run cold water over it till the pain stops temporarily.
    Then I take 2 ibuprofen because it is like an inflamed injury
    and it reduces the inflammation, which causes the pain.
    Then I run cold water again over it and then I put Aloe Vera on
    it. You may need to apply the Aloe Vera again here and there but it works right away and it prevents from blistering and all the after math
    of the next day.

  5. Melinda, I just wanted to say thank you for including a link to our blog/website in this article. We’re so glad to hear our blog on coconut oil helped. Thank you again and have a beautiful day!