Combining Marking Pens with Alcohol for Paper Art

Three of the grandkids were over one evening and as happens many times at our house they wanted to do some kind of art project. I had seen images online of marking pens used on fabric and then treated with rubbing alcohol to make a tie dyed effect but I wondered what it would do on paper. Out came the markers (an assortment of cheap markers the kids like to use for drawing) and some card stock paper as well as some watercolor paper. We drew designs and then used droppers to put rubbing alcohol on top of the markers. The ink ran and blended making unique pictures.


It was interesting to see that two different black markers would produce different colors when the alcohol was applied.


The kids had a blast and kept asking for more and more paper to experiment with for almost two hours. Of course, I was enjoying experimenting as much as they were. Even the three year old loved it.





Let your kids or grandkids give this a try. Be sure to place something under their papers to protect the table like an old placemat or sheet of plastic. Our table needs refinishing and I did discover some rubbing alcohol that was dribbled on the table surface eventually started stripping off the varnish. So if you care about your table, protect it, so you can have fun creating!

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