Create Art that Doesn’t Last: Weekend Wonderings

Weekend Wonderings

Create Art That Doesn't Last

I am often amazed by my children. One of the ways lately is how freely they create without caring who sees it or how long it lasts. This is clear in how much they like to draw with chalk on the driveway.

Kids drawing chalk heart

Lids chalk art


They know that it will get washed away with the rain or when mommy washes it off with the hose, but that doesn’t stop them. They love doing it.

I have been thinking lately about creating art that lasts beyond the physical. Art is not always about how long it lasts. It’s not about who sees it. I choose to be the kind of artist, like my kids, who can create for the sake of the process–for the joy and satisfaction it brings just by making it happen.

I’m inspired by artists who are willing to put so much effort into something that will not last physically because of weather or time, but only in an impression or a picture. Thankfully, with this digital age, even art that will eventually get lost, destroyed, or washed away can be captured by a photo.

Below are some great examples of art that will not last, but can make a very lasting impression if you happen to see it in real life or a picture:

Ever seen a statue with a sweater on it or a pole with a yarn embellishment? This is yarn bombing.Yarn Bombing

“Could you think of a better symbol of coziness than a nicely-knit scarf or sweater, draped over one’s shoulders? Well, some people around the world thought that our urban city horizons could use some warmth, too, and came up with yarn bombing – a sort of knitted graffiti, placed around all kinds of objects on the streets.”


There are sand sculpture competitions every year on beaches all around the coast. Those sand art sculptures will eventually get washed away, but that doesn’t deter these committed artists.Sand Art


Have you seen the 3D chalk art? AMAZING!3D Chalk art


Ice sculptures will melt, but they are beautiful!

Ice Sculpture Art


There are also artists who create amazing pieces of art with food!Food Art

Are we afraid to create something if we know it will wash away? Or can we enjoy the process and the moments of appreciation however long that might be?

In A Tickle chalk art

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