Create Your Own Fall Fabric

If your yard is filled with fall leaves like mine is, go outside now before they start to crumble and grab several of various sizes. You can use them as stencils to create your own one of a kind fall fabric design. I’ll show you the fabric design I created to help get you started on your own.

I have in mind to make a table runner because my house needs some fall decor. So I cut a piece of pre-washed muslin fabric about 13 X 38 inches. I taped waxed paper to my counter and taped the corners of my fabric to the waxed paper to hold it in place. Then I laid out the leaves in a random design on the fabric, placing rolled pieces of masking tape on the leaves to help them stay in place on the fabric, as well as keeping any curling edges down. Fall leaves on fabricUsing a sea sponge, I sponged yellow, green, orange, and red fabric paint randomly around the leaves. Sponging Leaf StencilsWhen this was dry, I carefully removed the leaves and placed them in new positions on the fabric.Rearrange leaf stencilsThis time I decided to use some spray fabric paints to see what that would do to the design.Spray-painted-leaf-stencils Sprayed-LeavesI removed the leaves carefully again and probably could have stopped there. Leaf Stenciled Fall FabricBut I kept going. This time I held a leaf close to the fabric and sprayed the veined side with fabric paint and then turned the leaf over in another spot on the fabric and rolled my brayer over the leaf. This not only left a stamped image of the leaf, but sometimes the veins showed as well. I used all three of my spray fabric paint colors (red, yellow, orange) but the only one to really show up well was the red. I also tried splattering some brown paint over the fabric, but wasn’t as happy with the way that looked, so did not put much.Brayer on leaf stampFabric PaintFall FabricThere’s my one of a kind fall fabric. Now I will let it dry and show you in another post what I finally decide to make of it. Go gather up your leaves and give it a try. This method would work on paper as well to make cards, or placemats, or whatever you want to create. Let your imagination have fun.

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