Create Your Own Traditions

For the last three years my family has done something that I believe few people in the world do. We set up Christmas decorations on Halloween.

Christmas Tradition Decoration Tree

We aren’t doing it out of protest for Halloween. We just like Christmas that much. The first year we started this we had gone to Trunk or Treat at our church on the Sunday before Halloween, and this was the first time we had been home on Halloween night since having kids. We weren’t quite sure what to do. Our families had never been big about Halloween growing up, and we didn’t care to make a big deal about it with our kids either. With Ninja Boy’s peanut allergy and our desire to eat whole foods and natural treats, going out and getting candy just isn’t our thing. Between that and our itch to get the Christmas stuff out, a new tradition was born!

We are the types to turn on the Christmas music as soon as there is even a hint of cold in the air. We don’t get sick of Christmas, and we don’t care that anyone else does. We want to enjoy it as long as possible.

Christmas Tradition Decorating Tree

Every family needs traditions for the holidays, but they need to fit with the family. I encourage you as you make traditions with your families that you choose things that just easily come about and are not forced into being. If you are searching the internet for traditions for your family, you are doing it wrong. Create your own family traditions, even if it seems way out there like decorating for Christmas on Halloween. Don’t worry that other people don’t get it. If your family enjoys it then do it! Its about being together and having fun as a family.

We still dress up on Halloween because who really even needs a holiday as an excuse to dress up when you are a kid? Any day is dress up day at our house!

Dress Up

Ballerina, my two golfers, Mary Margaret from Once, and Kaylee from Firefly

Dress Up

Isn’t she the cutest little Kaylee Frye??

Dress Up

Ninja Boy would not look up from his golfer stance for the picture

What’s your out of the box tradition?

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