Creative Christmas: Christmas Tree Card

Merry Creative Christmas

This year, instead of buying Christmas cards, how about making them.

We have made our own stamps in the past and had considered making some for cards but, this time, decided to try something new. We made our own stencil.
Stencils are easy to make and all you need is some cardboard (I used a cracker box), a pen or pencil to draw your design, and an xacto knife to cut out your pattern. I decided to make a Christmas tree for my cards.Christmas Tree Stencil After cutting out my tree, I used some distressed ink and a cosmetic sponge to make my tree on cardstock.Ink Stenciled Tree I wanted to try a few different looks so I also used some acrylic paint with a sponge and a paintbrush for the trunk.Sponge Painted Stencil Tree You can use all kinds of materials to decorate your tree.
I used a hole punch and colored paper and glued the circles onto the tree as ornaments.Hole punched ornaments I also used buttons, sequins, googly eyes, and ribbons.Stenciled Tree DecorationsbuttonsUse whatever you have on hand or buy whatever decoration you like best.
You can also leave it plain and stamp or paint around the cut out of your tree if it is still in tact.Stenciled Trees Your friends and family will love receiving a unique homemade card from you this year.

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