Creative Christmas: Garland Possibilities

Merry Creative Christmas

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Garland

I was looking at mom’s tree the other day and saw her garland. I was inspired! Why buy garland when you can make it!

I thought we could share with you some easy ways to make your own garland for your tree. Back in the day, people would put popcorn or cranberries on a string as garland. We wanted to share you some of our crafty versions that you could try too.

Crochet Yarn Garland-

Single crochet your choice and color of yarn with whatever gauge you like.

Crochet Garland

Ribbon and Bead Garland-

We had some large perler beads (you could use any bead you happen to have or like) and strung them on a 3/4 in. rainbow colored ribbon. Great for a colorful kids tree.

Bead Ribbon Garland

Fabric Strip Garland-

Rip or cut strips of your choice of fabric however long you want. Ours was about three feet long strips. Tie them together at the ends, and tie knots spaced out between.

Fabric Garland

Burlap Strip Garland-

Cut the burlap into strips like for the fabric garland and tie ends together. You can also tie knots between strips.

Burlap Garland

Finger-Crochet Ribbon Garland-

Ribbon Garland Chain


How to do it:

Start with a slip knot.

Loop the extra ribbon over your left index finger for a little tension. Place your thumb and index finger through the slip knot.

Pull the extra ribbon through the slip knot with your thumb and index finger until it’s the same size as original loop.

Start again.

Ribbon Chain Demo


What else could you use to make your own garland?

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