Creative Christmas: Model Magic Ornaments

Merry Creative Christmas

Do your kids want to make their own ornaments this year? A few years ago, we found a simple way to make ornaments at just about any age.

When Ninja Boy was about two or three, we made some ornaments out of Model Magic for ourselves and our friends. We used cookie cutters for the shape, and he added extra embellishments.

Truck ornament

To make it into an ornament, you just mold the Model Magic into whatever shape you want, then insert a paper clip on the backside to hang with string, ribbon, or an ornament hook. Then let it dry out and hang it on your tree!

We received a bunch of Model Magic last Christmas, and this year, Ninja Boy decided again to make some ornaments with it. I didn’t have to help him at all with these except with a couple of the paper clips.

New Model Magic Ornaments

The kids were excited to put the ornaments Ninja Boy made on their own little tree.

Hanging OrnamentsWhat kind of ornaments will you make this year?


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