Creative Christmas: Modify if You Can’t Buy

Merry Creative Christmas

We have shared in the past that my youngest, Miss Tickles (who turned 2 on Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday!) is allergic to polyester. She needed a new coat, so her granny bought her a cute purple coat with butterflies on it for an early Christmas present. Though she tried, she had no luck finding a coat that wasn’t polyester.

100% Polyester Coat Since she needed a new coat so badly, she gave her the coat anyway hoping it would be all right. As I looked it over, I had an idea!

We have bought several pieces of cotton flannel fabric lately, and at our last fabric trip, I bought a purple flannel remnant. It matched perfectly and was just the right size. So, Mom figured out a pattern and worked her magic and made a new liner for her hood.

Flannel lined hoodNow Miss Tickles has a nice warm coat that won’t make her face itchy.

New Coat

Miss Tickles on her second birthday/Thanksgiving!

We knew that we wouldn’t find a coat without polyester (at least in our price range and stores). However, we know that all it takes is a little modification, and we can make it work! If you are looking for a specific gift for someone and can’t find the right thing, maybe you can modify it!

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