Creative Christmas: Ornament Makeover

Merry Creative Christmas

Before setting up our tree this year, I decided it was time to sort through all of the Christmas decoration boxes and get rid of things we no longer used or wanted. I found a box of bright purple ball ornaments which I have never used and am not really sure where they came from. Rather than get rid of them, Melinda and I decided to give them a makeover, and she would use them at her house.

We decided to cover the balls with pieces of paper from a paperback. The paper strips were dipped in a watered down solution of mod podge and applied randomly to cover each ball completely. The kids were excited to help with a craft project. However, Ninja Boy quickly determined that it did not make sense to cover perfectly good bright colored balls with dull plain printed paper and declined. My Princess thought it was a wonderfully fun thing to do.Covering the ornamentsAfter the balls were completely dry we lightly painted them so the words still showed through. I rubbed the ornaments with a glue stick, sprinkled glitter lightly on them, and then tied them with ribbons.Paint Glitter OrnamentsOranamentsOrnament MakeoverDo you have ball ornaments that you don’t like any more? Don’t toss them and buy new ones. Use your creativity and give them a makeover.

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