Creative Christmas: Transformed Candles

Merry Creative Christmas

Mom had the great idea to transform some candles for Thanksgiving. You can see them here. Of course, now that it’s Christmas time, we had to do some more candles for Christmas! We have so many extra candles leftover from my wedding that we could probably do every big holiday this year.

Pink candleI started with three pink candles of different sizes and painted them with a green acrylic paint. I didn’t take pictures of the whole process because I forgot and you can see the process in mom’s previous post about transforming candles.

I used gray, red, and white acrylic paint and sponge painted in layers until I was happy with the outcome.Painted Christmas CandlesAfter they were all dry, I added some felt embellishments. Using the Christmas tree stencil from my Christmas card post, I cut out a felt Tree and cut slits in the middle to thread ribbon through and around the candle. I attached the ribbon on the back with a glue dot to keep it in place. I drew the snowflake and bell on felt with a washable pen and cut them out.Three Christmas CandlesCandle Makeover

What have you done with old candles to give them new life?


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