Creative Christmas: Updated Blocks

Merry Creative Christmas

Before Thanksgiving, mom transformed a few of the blocks she has for my kids to play with and turned them into Thanksgiving decorations.

Give Thanks Blocks

We planned to use them again as Christmas decorations, and I decided to be the one to make it happen since mom got to do it the last time.

I wanted to wrap some in Christmas wrapping paper, so I started off with wrapping up two blocks for the ends. Since we have some other size blocks for the kids, I wrapped those up to make a stack of presents.Wrapping Blocks

Since we had “Give Thanks” on the last blocks, I thought it would be cool to put on our Christmas blocks “Give Joy.” I used the same foam letters that mom used before.Give Joy

To have a surface to stamp on that wouldn’t be permanent on the blocks, I wrapped them in a couple sheets of white tissue paper folded over so there were four layers covering up the other lettering already on the blocks.Tissue wrapped blocks

I was then able to stamp the letters onto the blocks, and now we have our new temporary Christmas decoration.Give Joy BlocksWhat can you do with some blocks for a temporary Christmas decoration?


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