Creative Family Game Night

We recently were introduced to a fun new game by some good friends while visiting their home. The game is silly, fun, and a perfect game to encourage your family to think creatively and use imagination.


The game is called Quelf. There are different categories that you do based on where your piece lands on the game board. You have to answer questions, act out something silly, or perform a random task. There is a lot of laughter and outside of the box thinking. If you have kids that are in upper elementary to teenage years, this version would be great family fun.

quelf jr

If you still have little ones at home, try the Quelf Jr. version. We bought this one after we got home from our trip thanks to a gift card from my Aunt and Uncle (Thanks!!). The game says it’s for 6 and up but the tasks are easily adaptable for younger ones if they are willing to play along. Miss Tickles is only 2 and she likes to play around and do or say the things the cards tell you to do (most of the time with a little help from her brother and sister, but it just makes for good togetherness).

Playing Quelf-1

Building a snowman while singing a holiday song

Playing Quelf-2

She had to talk using her sock puppet hand till her next turn

Playing Quelf-3

They love this game!

Playing Quelf-4

So silly! (Don’t mind the mess in the background. It always looks this way.)

I will admit, my Hubby and I don’t always like playing games with the kids. The games aren’t always that fun for adults. This game, however, has all of us laughing and having a great time! Grandma played with us one day and had a great time too!

(We are not getting any sponsorship or compensation for this post. We just like the game that much).

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