Creative Kids: Making Clay

My grandkids always want to try what they see us creating and the results of our clay adventures looked enticing to them. Since the polymer clay requires hand strength to condition it (make it softer) I was not sure they would be able to work with it yet. I came across this recipe for making clay from Argo cornstarch and we gave it a try.

Making Argo Cornstarch Clay

The recipe says to add food coloring with all of the other ingredients, but I had very little food coloring. So I waited until the clay was cooked and slightly cooled, then divided the batch and colored a couple of balls of clay with food coloring by kneading it into the clay. I gave them some tools and the kids had a great time playing with the clay and trying to make things with it.

Argo Clay colorsArgo Clay colorsArgo Clay colors

While they played I watched the video that came with the recipe– there is a big green button right under the “Directions” header that says “Watch Video” but I somehow missed it! I realized after watching the video that I had cooked the clay for too long. The clay seemed drier than it should have been and of course when most of the creations they had made dried, they were cracked (you don’t have to bake this clay to harden, just let it air dry.)

Overcooked clay

Overcooked clay will dry with cracks.

So on another day, we made a new batch of clay. This time we did it right without overcooking it. I also left it white so they could try painting it after it dried. The kids could tell that this batch was much easier to work with and held its shape better while they were creating.

Argo Clay Argo ClayArgo Clay

When this batch of clay creations dried, there were no cracks.

Argo Clay dried

Now it was time to paint and they seriously enjoyed painting every piece.

Painting clay

They stuck their beads into toothpicks to make it easier to hold for painting and the toothpicks were stuck into holes in a box for drying.

Painting clay

After the paint dried the girls wanted to string necklaces with their beads and were so proud of their work.

Argo Clay beads necklaceArgo Clay beads necklace

Make a batch of clay for your kids and let them create. Or just let them play with the clay without making a final “product”. My Songbird does not like the texture of play dough,  but while visiting her I made a batch of Argo clay to see if she would like it. She likes it and her little people like it too!

Playing with Argo Clay



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