Cry Me a River of Acrylics

The art challenge for week 15 of the Documented Life Project was to use acrylics as part of the theme of exploring paints and inks. The journal prompt was “Cry Me a River.”

For this challenge I combined two monoprints I made with acrylic paint using some new stencils on my homemade gelatin plate. On the lower print with the blue waves, with a purple pen I doodled a design called “Weave”  which I learned from this video at A Little Lime’s blog post. With one of the stencils I used in the top print background, I stenciled the plant with black ink and then added in some more details with a black marking pen. I wrote the verse by hand in black ink highlighted with a white pen. In order to make a border around the picture, I rubbed on gesso with my finger.

Sow-in-Tears- Reap in joy

My hubby was gone on a trip to New Mexico and sent me a picture of the landscape as he was driving. I thought it was beautiful and knew I would use it somehow for an art project.


I liked the idea of using the acrylic paint to do a simplified version of the different layers in the picture. I wrote the poem to tie in to the journal prompt of “cry me a river” since I didn’t actually paint a river.


My Princess:


Ninja Boy:



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