Cushion Slip Covers

Talk about a crazy week! This week included making curtains and cushion covers, finishing up an RV makeover, getting a crown replaced on a tooth because the recently installed crown broke in half, dealing with identity theft fraud for a loved one, finding out the gender of Melinda’s baby, Melinda’s family packing up for a ministry trip in newly finished RV, RV breaking down, late night rescue trip with little sleep and new plan of travel put together… and we have not gotten posts written!

When we first planned to make cushion covers for the dinette in the RV, we were going to try to make them as much like the originals as possible. But when we actually got down to work decided that it made more sense to make slip covers that could easily be taken off and thrown into the wash when necessary. So we made long tubes with the bottom and side seam sewn similar to a pillow case with the top turned under for a finished edge. The tubes were cut longer than the length of the cushions. We allowed for seam allowances, and hem and added the width of the cushion end for the tubes. After the bottom edge was sewn, we stitched a box bottom to make the end of the tube a rectangle. You can see a demonstration of that technique hereRV cushion cover

The box bottom end of the cushions is the end that will show on the dinette cushions. Cushion end

Since the other end of the cushions were going to be against the wall, we folded the extra fabric like a present and marked where to attach pieces of velcro. With the velcro sewn in place it is very easy to secure the slip cover in place over the original cushion. Cushion slip cover with velcroThe new cushion slip covers really brighten up the RV dinette.RV DinetteYou can also see a sample of the new curtains we made. We had hoped to get pictures of the dinette and the rest of the curtains in the RV while in use, but that will have to wait. At least the trip started out great!In the RV

You can read more about the new ministry Melinda’s family has launched at Four Point Families.



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    • We used a fabric that was for outdoor furniture so it would be more sturdy. As far as I can remember, we just used regular straight stitching for all the sewing. Hope this helps!

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