Cute Book for Young Crafters

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My Princess reading craft book

Since My Princess got her sewing basket for her birthday, she is so excited to learn how to make stuff. We happened to go to the library on the day of her birthday and found the perfect book:


Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchio

I love the description on the website, Chloe is “Fancy Nancy meets Martha Stewart.” It’s about a young girl who loves to make things and needs a birthday present for a good friend. After another girl already buys the “perfect” present for her, Chloe has to get crafty and make her something even better!

One thing I love about the book is that Chloe is given the opportunity to one up the other girl but chooses to push aside any rivalry and help her out. It’s a great message to young girls, and maybe it will spark some creativity in them after reading it.

There is a website that goes with the book and has craft ideas that young girls could do themselves. Check it out.


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