Digital Creativity

You might be wondering why it seems to be so quiet at In A Tickle the past couple of weeks. I’d love to say we were all on vacation at some tropical beach, but that’s not the case. We’ve actually been quite busy.

Melinda’s family sold their house and had a couple of weeks to get moved out, sort what goes into storage, and into a garage sale, and what will go with them in the RV (still to be obtained.) They are moving into an RV full time and taking their ministry (BecauseFamily) on the road traveling around the USA to help strengthen families. Grandma and Pa’s house/driveway will be a home base for them. Their kids are excited about the adventure.

Last week Melinda and her husband focused on creating a video that is the first of a series they plan to produce. Melinda shot video and did voiceovers, Michael is the main character, and even the two oldest kids participated with their acting skills. Michael used his creative editing skills to finalize a great video about the movie rating system. If you have children or grandkids, be sure to watch and learn.


This week, they shot another video in our garage to advertise the fireworks stand they are doing to raise money toward their ministry. Even if you don’t live close by, you will have fun watching Michael and Ninja Boy in this crazy ad! Go to THIS LINK.

This week was also Dance Recital week, so lots of hours of rehearsal and two performances for everyone but the baby. Melinda and the three oldest dance, and Michael is the official stage manager for the recital.

Meanwhile, between helping Melinda out with kids and moving and garage sale, I was busy finalizing a website I have been designing for my sister’s new company, Aerosol Devices Inc. If you are in the field of aerosol research, check out their new instruments for collecting aerosol particles. If you are not into that and just want to see what I’ve been doing, you can check it out at

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