DLP 2014 Challenge Wrap-up #2

Jan showed you her last three DLP pages in another post. Now Melinda will show you what she did for her last few pages.

The challenge for week 51 was: Arrows.

For the arrow page, I used magazines and cardstock to make a game board. My kids like to make their own games often, so I made my own! It’s the Arrow Game.



The challenge for week 52 was: Document your family holiday tradition.

Our most consistent family tradition has been stockings on Christmas morning. My Hubby and I don’t usually get other Christmas gifts for the kids because they get so much from the rest of the family. However, we have stuck to filling up their stockings every year. They have gotten to where they have their expectations for what will be in there, and they talk about it all year long. The biggest requirement is pop tarts. We never buy pop tarts the rest of the year, but we found a good organic version to have as a treat. Even though the stockings’ contents are mostly practical and somewhat healthy, they still LOVE and get so excited about what they get.

I used black cardstock with a white Sharpie for my background with magazine stockings from the HGtv Holiday edition.



 The challenge for week 53 was: Draw or collage something that begins with the first letter of your first name.

I have been reading Star Trek books lately and have always been a fan of the show since I watched it as a kid with my dad. When I thought of this challenge, the phrase from Jean Luc Picard from The Next Generation kept coming to my mind, “Make it So.” I feel like it has several meanings for my 2014 as well as my future in 2015.



We hope you have enjoyed following our Documented Life this past year. We hope that you will join us for the new Documented Life Project in 2015.

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