Do Something Creative

Step 1. Do something creative today.

Step 2. Do something creative tomorrow.

Step 3. Do something creative the next day.

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3.

When I was in New York City last fall, I wandered into a store called Paper Source. It looked inviting and the first thing I noticed was this printed on the wall:

Paper Source StoreTurns out that phrase is a registered trademark for their company. The store was filled with wonderful papers, paper crafting supplies and lovely gift items. One part of the store was a classroom for classes and workshops where a group of young girls were having a great time working on a project.

Near the front of the store was a desk where a young woman was demonstrating how to do heat embossing on cards. I had already had opportunity to use that technique before but it was fun to watch her and ask questions. This store had the right idea. My biggest complaint with the big craft stores is that they need to have people demonstrating something all the time to encourage people to try something new and purchase new tools (you know, like the little booths set up in grocery stores to give you a sample taste of a new food.) I love to craft but there are so many items I have looked at on the shelves in craft stores that I have no idea how to use. If someone were demonstrating, I would know what it was and be tempted to give it a try. I’m sure there are many more like me!

Any way, you can check out the Paper Source online or visit one of their stores around the country. They not only have supplies to purchase on their website, but you can also find a multitude of free videos and tutorials to learn something new.

In thinking about their trademark phrase, Do Something Creative Everyday®, I want to encourage you to think in terms of your whole life and not just a particular type of activity like paper crafting, or painting, or sewing, etc. Yes, it is great when you can do a creative artistic/crafty type activity everyday, but I know for many, including myself, that is just not always feasible. But that does not mean you can’t be be creative everyday. Think of your whole life as art in how you care for yourself, your home, your family and the world around you. What can you do today to make your world (your sphere of influence) better?

Here are a handful of suggestions:

Think of a way to bless someone else today and do it.

Rearrange a room, or decorations, or countertop to make it more appealing.

Read a story to your kids and use lots of creative expression to make the story fun for them.

Set the dinner table in a new way tonight.

Find a new recipe to make or change up a recipe you have made before.

Choose a vegetable, or meat, or fruit you don’t know anything about, look up recipes and make something with it.

Do you always wear the same clothing combinations? Look in your closet and put together a new outfit with stuff you already own.

Try fixing your hair in a new way and maybe add some accessory.

At work find something that needs your creativity and do it or offer the idea to your boss.

Write a note to someone who has touched your life, or someone you know needs encouragement and send it to them.

Take five minutes and draw something or doodle something. (Remember doodlers retain more information than non-doodlers. Read the post.)

For some other ideas, read Melinda’s post from last fall about 10 Ways to Be Creative When You Have No Energy.

You can be creative today, tomorrow and everyday after that. Accept the truth in your heart and mind that you are a creative person (after all, you were created in the image of the Creator) and find ways each day to express creativity. No matter how big or small that creative expression may seem to you, the world around you will be a little bit better because of it.

What creative thing are you going to do today?


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