Documented Life Project Our Way

Last week we shared with you about a project called The Documented Life Project. Most of the people participating in that project are decorating their weekly planners with the challenges. Some are using the challenges as prompts for art journals or scrapbook pages. Melinda and I decided that we would participate in the challenges, but so far are doing the challenges on card stock (not yet attached to any thing!) I may eventually put my art challenges into an art journal, or binder, or maybe just in a box. Just haven’t gotten that far yet. I have not been very good with traditional planners in the past and I know I would not carry around a large book like some of the very creative ones I’ve seen on the facebook page. Since I have been wanting to try art journaling, this project is a way to get me launched.

The challenge last week was to photograph, paint, sketch or incorporate your front door somehow onto your page. It’s been fun seeing all of the creative ideas others have shared. Even though this is the second week (and I am still working on this week’s challenge), it is not too late for you to get started. No matter when you start, the challenges will be archived at Art to the 5Th, so you can really begin any time. And you can use the challenges in any way you wish. There is no right or wrong. Just let your creativity start to flow.

Melinda decided to draw with pencil, crayon, and scrapbook markers a portion of the inside of her door where the peek hole is, and on the other side (not pictured), she decorated it with things all about her. Here is Melinda’s door page:DLP Week 1 Door

I decided to sketch a picture of the inside of my front door since there was too much snow and bitter cold outside to do it from that view. Also the view from the inside was symbolic for me. I am now based at home each day instead of working outside of my home. Here’s my door sketch:DLP Week 1 DoorIf you are looking for ideas for creating just for fun, check out The Documented Life Project. Melinda and I will periodically post pictures of what we have done to give you an update. Now that I’ve told you that, it makes us accountable to keep up with it. (We all need motivation!)

For the past couple of days Melinda and I have been working on a big project involving these two fabrics pictured below. Can’t wait to show you soon what it is…fabrics



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  1. So happy you have decided to join The Documented Life Project! We are so thrilled with the response and the wonderful art that is being shared. Your doors look great! Eager to see what else you do. Thanks for the mention!