Documented Life Project- Week 11

Week 11 challenge of the Documented Life Project was to “Draw, photograph or collage a bird onto your page.”

While pondering what I wanted to do with my bird challenge, I noticed the front cover of a map/brochure of New York City. The image of the island with the names of all the various parts of the city looked like an upside down bird. I cut it out (and then remembered to take a picture.)Map Brochure frontI decided to incorporate the map inside onto my page as well.MapI cut a piece of a gelli print I had made previously to fit over Central Park. The brochure was filled with various advertisements for shows and I used parts of those images to finish making my NYC bird. The bird needed a little more color so I colored over it lightly with colored pencils. I haven’t seen a bird like this flying around the city yet, but I will keep my eyes open!DLP-Week-11-J

Since this week has been crazy busy for me, I just found a bird I liked on Pinterest and drew it with pencils.bird inspiration I was looking for a bird quote or something but did not like any I saw. So I decided to look for a quote I liked by an author instead.DLP-Week-11-M

Sometimes simple is the best way to approach a challenge. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t have time for an elaborate page.

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