Documented Life Project- Week 12

Week 12’s challenge for the Documented Life Project was to “Cut up a magazine…add!”

In a magazine I found a full page of images of vegetables and fruit with light shining through them that looked perfect for my challenge.Magazine Page of VeggiesRather than cut up the images, I used a black pen and white pen and doodled all over the page, turning the vegetables and fruits into a flower garden. I enjoyed transforming this page just using simple tools– two pens.DLP-Week-12-JMelinda:

I started with my stack of magazines and a hope for inspiration. I began with my Lion brand yarn catalog and found the picture of the bed. I knew that’s what I wanted to start with. Then while looking through a home decor magazine, I came across the starry sky for my background. I got lucky and there was a whole section of that magazine about “Your Dream Home” giving me lots of “dream” to use. After gluing it all together I used my black and white pens to doodle on the top to make it all work together. Do you need to wake up and dream?




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