Documented Life Project -Week 14

The challenge for Week 14 of the Documented Life Project was: “Write your name and embellish it.”

I was happy to be caught up this week so I could get to this challenge right away. One of my favorite fonts is typewriter, so I wanted to do my name in that font. As I was writing it, I though about seeing my name on a book cover. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book someday. So this page is my inspiration for that goal.DLP-Week-14-M

During my stay in New York, I took pictures of things that gave me inspiration. One of those pictures was of old penny tile flooring. Old-Penny-Tile-FlooringSo while contemplating what to do with my name for this challenge, I kept thinking about this flooring. Using it as my inspiration, I made my name a subtle part of the design.DLP-Week-14-J

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