Documented Life Project- Week 19

This week’s challenge for The Documented Life Project was to “Document a Random Act of Kindness from you.”

The definition of kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Kindness should be a quality exemplified in our lives in everything we do. The definition of random is “made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.” So I think that kindness should be so much a part of our character that we do acts of kindness without having to consciously make a decision to do so. It should just flow out of us.

One of the ways that kindness can flow out of us is by looking at people and smiling. It is a way to acknowledge someone’s existence and give them value. It may seem like too simple a thing to do but with so many hurting people in our world today, just looking them in the eyes, genuinely smiling and maybe speaking a kind word could be just the thing that lifts their spirits and helps them keep going through their day. Start smiling at people and see if you can make ’em smile by your kindness.

DLP-Week-19-JI choose to use collaged pictures from magazines for my challenge this week, adding in some doodles and colored pencil.



I had a couple instances where a random act of kindness came across my path this week. I was thinking about how all it takes is keeping your eyes open and you will see someone who could use some kindness. That is what inspired my page. I have been trying to work on my font drawing skills more so that is the style I stuck with.DLP-Week-19-M

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