Documented Life Project- Week 22

The art challenge for week 22 in the Documented Life Project was to, “Draw, paint or sketch a house.”

I came across a photo I had taken of a bird house in the backyard of a vacation home where we stayed in Skaneateles, NY. It was a cute little house made from a log. When I took the photo, I had in mind that maybe someday it would be inspiration for an art project. Whenever I see something that interests me, I try to snap a photo (so much easier in this day and age of phone cameras.) Even if I don’t get a great picture, it can still be a starting point for a future project.Bird House So for this challenge, my sketch of a house is this bird house.DLP-Week-22-JMelinda:

I’ve been a little behind on my challenges because of baby, but I’m ready to jump back into it! I have about five pages to do to catch up and figured I should just go with what I was inspired to do first and go from there.

Because of Baby Boy’s desire to nurse frequently, I got my paper, pencil, and clipboard so I could sketch while I fed him. I did some brainstorming and decided to draw a whimsical house. I was able to get it half drawn while feeding him, and then I finished it while he had a good long nap. I tried to make myself draw without trying to be too accurate or realistic just to get my hand loosened up to draw freely. Every time I sketch, I know I’m practicing to be better the next time.


I drew 446 on the mailbox because that was the time Baby Boy was born, 4:46am.


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