Documented Life Project- Week 24

Week 24 challenge in the Documented Life Project was to use book text. In case you are just starting to follow our blog, Melinda and I are participating in the Documented Life Project by using the challenges as art projects. This year we have not been doing the journal/planner part of the project. We invite you to join us in doing the challenges to stretch your creativity in new ways. There is no right way or wrong way to do the challenges. You don’t even have to show anyone what you do if you are not comfortable with that yet. Melinda and I are showing you what we come up with for each challenge to help you see how each one can be interpreted in different ways. Sometimes we feel great about what we’ve made and sometimes not so much. But we are trying new things and learning and growing in our creative journeys. Come on the journey with us!

I really did not know what direction I was going to go with this challenge. I had no ideas even roaming around in my head. So I just started gelli printing on some pages from an old book of inspirational quotes and sayings (which I purchased at a yard sale for this purpose) and some card stock. When Melinda saw one of the gelli prints, she said it reminded her of a giraffe. That was all the encouragement I needed.DLP-Week-24-J


I found this quote that I liked in the book mom used for hers. At first I was trying to make flowers out of pages from that book. . .and failed miserably. So I cut the flowers up and mod podged the pieces to the page. After that was dry, I painted over it and finished my page off with the quote.


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