Documented Life Project- Week 25

Cover your page with hearts was the challenge for Week 25 in the Documented Life Project.

I like hearts, but I wanted to do something different. My idea was to somehow layer “see through” hearts. It’s been a while since I used my alcohol inks (I am pretty new at using them and not sure what all I can do with them. So I pulled them out along with some scraps of laminating sheets I had saved to see how the ink would work on them. Alcohol inks work best on nonporus items. I “painted” the laminating sheet strips with the alcohol ink by dropping the ink in spots and letting them do their thing. I also added drops of rubbing alcohol for more creative design. After making the green strips, I sprinkled coarse salt on the wet ink for a little different look. (I knew you could do that with watercolor, so thought I’d give it a try.)Laminating Sheet Alcohol InksWhen the ink was completely dry, I cut out heart shapes and leaves and stems and started randomly layering the laminated pieces to make a flower picture. I am really excited about the way it turned out and will probably use some of the leftover pieces (I inked way more than I used) to make some pretty cards.DLP-Week-25-J-Hearts

Melinda:DLP-Week-25-MI had a gift card and a coupon to go shop at Michaels, so I decided to buy Micron pens because the ones I have are almost used up. I’ve been needing to catch up with my pages so I decided to doodle my hearts while I was in a meeting for our ministry.


Documented Life Project- Week 25 — 3 Comments

  1. What/how did you seal this? Did the ink bleed at all while attaching to your layout?
    Thanks, Gwen

    • I did not use any sealer on top of the ink and the ink did not bleed. Once the alcohol ink dried (didn’t take long) I cut the laminate and attached it to my paper. Out of curiosity I rubbed water on a leftover piece and it did nothing to the dried ink. However when I placed a drop of alcohol on top of the dried ink, the dried ink reacted as though it was wet (like when initially making the design.) So depending on what you are making, if you want it to remain permanent, you probably should seal it. According to the Ranger Ink website, “Alcohol Inks must be sealed with a water based sealer. We recommend Ranger’s Gloss Multi-Medium.” I’ve not used it on anything yet, but I am still new at learning what to do with alcohol inks. Let us know if you try it!

  2. Love this! Was it difficult to place the long stems? You had to pull off the backing paper and then maneuver into place. Did you us a die to cut the stems and leaves?