Documented Life Project- Week 27

The challenge for Week 27 in the Documented Life Project was to “Add a crossword puzzle, suduko or word search.”

In pondering what to do for this challenge, I started thinking about my grandma. She loved doing crossword puzzles and any other word games. She was impossible to beat at Scrabble because she knew words that I thought she was making up. Since I recently started trying to draw faces I decided to sketch her face as part of my page. Here are my first three attempts (which are only the 4th, 5th and 6th faces I’ve drawn since learning that I can draw faces.)

Three FacesThey look like they could be three sisters, but they don’t look like my grandma. Here is the picture I was trying to sketch from:GrandmaBesides loving crossword puzzles, my grandma played the piano and organ at her church for over 60 years! My fourth attempt at drawing my grandma’s face looked more like my grandma and I decided to use it. My husband and I did a couple of crossword puzzles that I cut up for the background.DLP-Week-27-J


I’ve been trying to branch out with my art and be able to allow myself to make cutsie, unrealistic drawings. I came across this post from elvie studio on pinterest, which inspired me to do my page. I love my cute little animal blobs!



Documented Life Project- Week 27 — 1 Comment

  1. Jan – The black paper strips on the background in the picture of Grandma reminds me of the keys on the organ. Was that intentional? Nice work.