Documented Life Project- Week 31

“Create a pocket – fill it with treasures from your week,” was the challenge for the 31st week of the Documented Life Project.

As I pondered what to do for this challenge, I was looking at the postcard I received from Katie at In My Backyard for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and inspiration hit me!
Great Big Stitched Postcard SwapI decided to use the birds I received to make a mixed media page. I did a watercolor wash for background. Using denim fabric, I stitched part of a pair of jeans to the page and added a string clothesline and clothespin. The pocket on my jeans was filled with scraps of paper, thread and yarn for a bird’s nest. I cut out the yellow bird from my postcard and glued her in place on the clothesline. The little tags I received with birds stamped on them became my baby birds for mama bird’s nest. Since I am just doing the challenges and not doing the planner/journal part of the Documented Life Project, these birds were just the right thing to collect in my pocket. Thank you, Katie!DLP-Week-31-JMelinda:

I started my pocket with nothing in mind for it other than using some of the paper that I had gelli printed a couple weeks ago. I made this particular print trying to use color combinations that I normally wouldn’t use. I like how it turned out! I used purple cotton fabric to make a pocket on my paper. I sewed a heart piece of paper to the fabric first before sewing the pocket onto my paper. After I was done, I remembered the cards that I had made for my Hubby last week for our 8th Anniversary. I decided that my pocket was the perfect place to store them.



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