Documented Life Project- Week 33

The art challenge for week 33 for the Documented Life Project was to use your “under paper” in a creative way. Under paper refers to the paper you have under your art projects that get the extra paint, spills, splatters, brush, brayer and stamp cleaning, etc.

For my background I took a paper that I had used for rolling off the extra paint from my brayer and texture tools when gelli printing. Using black and white pens I filled the page with practice doodles and sayings related to creativity.DLP-Week-33-J



I used some gelli printing papers that I used up leftover stencil paint on for my page. I cut out the book, chair, and lamp from the paper. I used scrapbook paper and cut outs from magazines for the rest. The girl happened to be holding Uno cards in her hand that I cut out and made her hold the book instead.


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