Documented Life Project- Week 34

Week 34 of the Documented Life Project’s art challenge was: “Fill the page with numbers that relate to your week (4 trips to the grocery store etc.)”

This challenge was not inspiring me with ideas. So I just sat down and started playing with drawing numbers in various shapes and sizes using the ten single digits. It actually turned out to be fun. I didn’t really follow the challenge by making the numbers relate to my week, but in the same way you can make any word with the twenty six letters of the alphabet, I can make any number with the ten single digits.DLP-Week-34-J



Like mom, I was not inspired by this prompt either. This week just happens to be My Princess’ 5th birthday! I used scrapbook paper for the background and the “5.” I bought some new drawing pencils the other day, so I wanted to sketch her face. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it because I wanted it to be a rough, cartoonish girl. Ninja Boy saw it and told me it looked like My Princess, so I felt like it was an acceptable drawing.

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