Documented Life Project- Week 35

The art challenge in week 35 of the Documented Life Project was to: “Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.”

In spite of my desire to keep drawing faces regularly after conquering my mental block (you can read about that here), I let a few weeks go by without drawing one. So I was excited to do this challenge. I chose to draw the face of my granddaughter. DLP-Week-35-J


I searched through Pinterest for a smiling face to draw and came across this beautiful woman from Mai An Hoa’s Flickr.Pinned-Photo

I haven’t drawn many faces and have had a few issues like mom has shared in the past. I drew an eye a few months ago though, so I felt confident that I could at least get that part right. If I look just at my page, I think it looks like it could be a real person. However, when I compare, I am not happy with the nose and mouth. I am proud of myself for trying though. I know that with more practice I could do better next time. This just gives me a place to see my progress as I keep practicing drawing faces. (I also used a regular school pencil to draw this. I recently purchased some actual drawing pencils and realized how much easier drawing can be with the right tools!)DLP-Week-35-M

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